Saturday, November 7, 2009

A star in the making....

Wow, I can't believe how long it hasb een since my last post. Time really flies. We have had such a great fall so far. The girls are getting so big, and while they are a handful, they are so much fun!

A little background on this story: About a month ago, our neighborhood put out an invite for kids 4 and up to join a "Winter Wonderland" production being sponsored by Northwest Children's Theater. It would keep Hayden busy every Saturday and it sounded right up her alley! I registered her and then waited. I hand't really told her much, except that she was going to get to perform and wear costumes and that her friend Shania ( I know I am spelling it wrong) would be there too!

So, fast forward a month to last night when our sitter was helping Hayden pick out clothes to wear the next day. Hayden surprisingly pickedo ut a sweatsuit/track suit and laid it out on her dresser. Now anyone who knows Hayden would be shocked by this. We spend many a morning playing tug o' war over what Hayden thinks is an appropriate outfit and track suits are never high on the list. Steph (our amazing sitter) questioned Hayden's choice. She reminded Hayden that it wsn't a daycare day on Saturday, that she was going to her new class. Hayden responded: "I'm going to be onstage!", "I definitely can't wear that then!". That's our little diva! By the next morning she had picked out jeans with rhinestones on them (compliments of her Grandpa Bill) and a flowery shirt. She also wore her sparkly belt (belts have become quite popular for her this past month!) I will be exciting to see her performance in December. TOm and I are hoping the instructor can handle divas!

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