Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ticked Thomas

No picture to post this time, although it would make for a good one! To provide some background, we have been dealing with 4 year old attitude a lot recently. Hayden has definitely been testing boundaries, limits, rules, her vocal cords, Haley's pain tolerance, etc. While some things have made us chuckle: Tom picking Hayden up for gymnastics (in a hurry) from daycare and telling her she can put her Leotard on when she gets there. Hayden rolling her eyes and saying (somewhat under her breath) "whatever, (dramatic pause) I guess you're in charge"! Other things have us in fits over discipline (and more specifically who will be the "disciplinarian"): Hayden yelling, screaming, crying b/c she wants ___________ (fill in the blank with anything). Tonight's laugh though came at bedtime when I (playing the role of the "nice" parent) was putting Hayden to bed (queue the whining, procrastinating, etc). I gently warned her not to make me get the "enforcer" (the role of disciplinarian, played by Tom). Hayden said she didn't like "The Enforcer" as a nickname for her dad and instead proposed to call him "Ticked Thomas" (it was all I could do not to laugh!). It has a nice ring to it don't you think!

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