Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ways Hayden makes us laugh....

Everyone is always telling me that I should write down all of the funny things Hayden says and does and I keep meaning to, I really do. Some of them are really good and I don't want to ever forget them. Some of them I have already forgotten! Here are a couple:

In reference to me saying "you sure have a great daddy...." Hayden informed me that she "has a great daddy and a great grandpa because they buy her Barbie's at the store, mom just says 'negative'! "

In response to Hayden wanting (or rather demanding) a piece of gum. I told her that she couldn't just HAVE a piece of gum, she had to EARN a piece of gum. I asked her to think of something she could do to EARN gum. She pondered for a brief moment and responded "be a good listener". "Great" I responded, "we're going to the store and if you can be a good listener at the store, I'll give you a piece of gum" Hayden's reply was "No deal" (This has been a popular response as of late.

Yesterday at the zoo we were making our way through the primate exhibit and I pointed the baboons out to Hayden. "Look at how colorful they are, they have purple bottoms" I said. "Hayden shouted "mom, that's your favorite color!" There were many laughs! (See pics above from the zoo trip, sorry none of Haley :( )