Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Okay, this is yet another post I have been putting off for some time (not as long as the swifts, but still). Our daughter Hayden has discovered commercials! She loves commercials in general, food, toys, anything geared towards kids. She wants EVERYTHING she sees (thank you smart marketing teams!) She is specifically enchanted by infomercials! As she is watching DK (discovery kids channel) or Nick Jr, she will call out to us to "come see __________" What makes it cute is how impassioned she is about her need to have ____________. One night stands out. Hayden comes downstairs and addresses Tom: "Dad, have you ever had the problem of not being able to get all of the toothpaste out of the tube?" "and what a mess!" "Well guess what, now you can get 'Touch n' brush', you just stick it to the wall, and 'touch & brush". Needless to say, we could barely keep straight faces. The fact that she is completely serious makes stifiling our laughtereven harder! She really does want a Touch n Brush for Xmas. Here are a few more that are on her wish list:

www.bigtopcupcake.com/ (I actually did get her this for Christmas...shhh its a secret)

www.hoverdisc.com/ (Hayden says you can play with it inside, outside, ANYWHERE!)

www.wonderhanger.com/ (She doesn't even hang clothes in her closet yet, but still wants them)

www.snuggieforkids.com/ (She told G&G that she wants one for watching the Hawkeyes.... it
was a proud moment for Tom!)

www.paperoni.com/ (Not a chance, too many little pieces)

www.bendaroos.com/ (We'll see, not sure how long they would last)

and finally:


Not only do we have the next Billy Mays living amongst us, I can get all her Christmas shopping done at Walgreens!

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  1. so did she get the kiddie snuggie? my dog got a snuggie for christmas from my niece and nephew. he ate it as a sign of protest.

    thanks for the recipe! i LOVE peanut butter and granola together. i haven't opened the flax seed or lecithin yet, but i think the granola bars sound like a good debut for that stuff.

    how was your 8 miler? are you planning a special treat for your first double digit run? i bought myself a garmin when i hit that milestone.