Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The meatloaf incident

So I decided the other night that the easiest way to update everyone on things that occur around this crazy household would be to create this blog. Everyone keeps telling me I should somehow keep track of the funny things Hayden says/does so this will be that format. With that said, we had just one of those occurances last Sunday night. I made what I thought would be a kid friendly meal: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans! While Tom and I both thought it was good, Hayden appeared repulsed. "What is there not to like:hamburger, kethcup,cheese"? She wasn't budging. Mind you, she desperately wanted ice cream for dessert, she had been asking for it all day. I sat with her through a few AGONIZING bites of meat (the mashed potatoes and green beans were the first to go) spoon feeding her like a baby (which she now loves! a little regression after Haley's arrival). Haley of course was being a crab...definitely ready for bed. I explained to Hayden that she didn't have to eat it, but she wouldn't be getting anything else...not even ice cream. I left her at the table and carried Haley upstairs for bed. Minutes later as I was rocking Haley in her room, Hayden wandered by....."all done mom!" she says...and I think "hmmmmnnn, that was quick"! After putting Haley down to sleep, I met up with Hayden in her room. "How was dinner"? "Good" she says"Can I have my ice cream"? "Well that depends", "how much of your dinner is in the garbage"? I say. "Oh, you don't want to look in there, it's stinky"! Says the still 3 year old. "Really"? I think I might just go look. As I start heading for the stairs, Hayden passes me by and I find her standing in the kitchen holding down the lid to the garbage. "Mom, please don't look" she pleads.......Priceless! I had to leave the room to keep from laughing in front of her. In the end her dad caved anyways and gave her the ice cream...I am sure we are sending her the wrong message there, but she keeps us well entertained! (BTW, her plate was scraped clean and stashed in the dishwasher, she almost pulled it off!)

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